Praise From the Industry

“When Steve Tyler co-founded Playwrights’ Arena with me in 1992, he was as committed as I am in making sure that our productions reflect the diversity of this great city. Not only did he use his vast resources to bring attention to our newly formed theater company, he brought considerable star power to our very small 35-seat theater. He cared about the art, its artists and its audiences. I don’t think that has diminished through the years, in whatever he does.”

– Jon Lawrence Rivera, Co-Founder Playwright’s Arena Theater

“It is a real pleasure to work with Steve Tyler. He’s smart, fun and completely trustworthy. Whether working with him as an actor, director or fundraising (which I have done all of) you can rest easy knowing you are protected and associated with first class, honorable people. I will always be grateful to him for hiring me, years ago, as a first time director. He’s a great human being and I look forward to the next venture!”

– Lynne Moody, Actress

“I had the pleasure of being Steve’s commercial agent for many years. He has always been a pro. You can always see Steve on TV, a billboard, in a magazine, inside a store or even a doctor’s office, etc. The best part is that even though Steve has had such a successful career he’s always remained as humble and sweet as the first time I met him.”

– Sheila DiMarco, Talent Agent, Commercial Talent

“Steve Tyler has been a dedicated advocate for non-profits and NGOs for decades, devoting many hours to fundraising and education on behalf of those in need, especially children and minorities. He is compassionate and generous with his time and skills.”

– Terry Decrescenzo, Longtime Child/Teen Advocate and Community Activist, Director at Centinela Freeman Health System

“I had the good fortune of producing two fundraising events with Steve. The amazing thing about Steve is that he thinks of everything. His attention to detail and his commitment to the cause is something rare indeed. He is a man of true character and conviction.”

– Jon Imparato, Artistic Director of the Lily Tomlin/Jane Fonda Cultural Arts Program for the Los Angeles LGBT Center

“Steve is a gem of an actor. He’s still, emotionally accessible, free and specific. He’s a reliable performer and shows up to any opportunity prepared, thoughtful and humble. That rare combination of traits is so hard to find, and Steve has it all.”

– Maya Adrabi, Casting Director @ AHC

“Steve Tyler…My Ride or Die!!! Together we make shit happen…we raise awareness, money and blood pressure everywhere we go.”

– Joely Fisher, Queen of Everything

“Steve Tyler is one of the hardest working and most generous people in Hollywood! He is a treasure.”

– Denny Sevier, Talent Agent, House of Representative Talent Agency

“I’ve known Steve Tyler for decades and have had the pleasure of working with him in a variety of capacities highlighting his myriad talents: from actor to producer to political advisor and superstar charity fundraiser. Steve is passionate about everything he does, and that energy springs from his enormous heart. He cares deeply about the world and its woes and feels compelled to focus his boundless energy on improving the planet for future generations. He’s one of the most generous souls I’ve ever encountered, and easily one of the most unique. I’m honored to call him a cherished friend.”

– Bennett Yellin, Comedy Film Writer

“From the moment I met him, I knew Steve Tyler was an uncommon man on the Hollywood firmament: his high voltage smile reflects an interior life that is compassionate, empathetic, and generous. I have seen his commitment to HIV/AIDS increase as others have grown less interested; Steve never says no. He manages to serve both the micro situation and the macro, placing himself in the midst of the marginalized, the discarded, the voiceless. Steve Tyler is an example of what it takes to heal, not only our wounded LGBTQ community but the world at large.”

– Michael Kearns, Actor/Author/Activist

“Steve Tyler is a storyteller! Frame to frame, moment to moment whenever he is in front of a lens or a camera, he takes you on a ride. You believe it. YOU feel it! Steve gives us an experience, every time he tells us another story.

– Gregory Zarian, Actor

“Steve Tyler!! One of my very best friends for a long, long time. I don’t know how long – he has kept me too busy! Keep going Steve – it looks good on you!”

– Betty DeGeneres, Activist/Writer/Supermom

“Whether it’s acting, producing, fundraising, or making other people’s lives better by a combination of all those things — Steve Tyler hits more high notes than that other Steve Tyler. Ok, maybe not when singing.”

– Bruce Vilanch Writer/Actor/Hollywood legend

“Steve has a strong passion for mental health & homelessness. This, combined with his fundraising skills have helped increase the amount of funds raised by the Alcott Center tenfold nearly overnight.”

– Nick Maiorino, CEO Alcott Center for Mental Health Services, Los Angeles, CA

“Steve has a talent of putting some pretty amazing people together for fun and profitable non-profit organizations. Incredible talents and projects that are great to be a part of, making a difference for some wonderful organizations doing terrific work in the community.”

– Greg Louganis, Olympic Winner, Dog Trainer

“Steve Tyler kicked off my Presidential Campaign with his fundraising skills. He is talented and creative in raising money while being thorough and respectful of his donor relationships all key to why he is so very successful.”

– Howard Dean, former Vermont Governor, Presidential Candidate

“I have known Steve Tyler for many years, he is a tenacious and unapologetic champion for equality. With resolve and a big heart, Steve has committed his life to use his skills and passion for politics and advocacy to make this a better world. Sitting on the sideline has not been an option for Steve. He has tirelessly channeled his energy into fundraising, event production/creation, and education to further crucial causes, non-profits, and campaigns. During our time together at the Victory Fund, Steve went the extra mile to find creative and successful ways to support the organization’s mission and help elect LGBTQ+ candidates to public office up and down the ballot.”

– Brian K. Bond, Executive Director, PFLAG National, Former Deputy Director, White House Office of Public Engagement, and Former Executive Director, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund

“I have had the honor of co-chairing and working with Steve Tyler over the years on numerous political and charitable events. Steve is a tireless and committed individual dedicated to making the community, the world a better place. No matter if he is championing for equality, promoting a ballot initiative, raising money and awareness on health issues, or supporting a political candidate that shares his values, he always gives his utmost, never just a participant, but he proves himself a leader each time. Unlike his work as an actor where he is in front and center, in this capacity Steve primarily chooses to work behind the scenes organizing and producing events, fundraisers, and salons that have informed, educated, and raised awareness as well as many millions of dollars.”

– Jeremy Bernard, Special Advisor to the President and White House Social Secretary (Obama Administration), Author and Activist